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Best Mattress Store Bargains in the Central Valley!

Come to our well-stocked mattress store for premier deals on the state of the art in sleep technology. First, some numbers. You need 7-9 hours a night of deep, refreshing sleep to remain in good health. On that note, industry experts recommend changing your mattress every 10 years. The right mattress promotes your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Yet many people STILL don’t get enough sleep! When you sacrifice sleep, you wake up to the consequences: difficultly concentrating, irritability, and even a weakened immune system. Good thing Oak & Sofa Liquidators’ Central Valley mattress stores are here to help you. If inferior mattresses have sagged or otherwise let you down, our excellent traditional innerspring mattresses and more advanced foam and hybrid models give you a wide choice of sleep solutions, ALL affordable! Your sleep position is the #1 factor to consider. So let’s look at the best mattress types for each position.

Excellent Pillowtop Mattresses for Side Sleepers

If you’re a hard-to-please side sleeper, our pillowtop mattresses have the ideal balance of firmness and “give” to relieve pressure points and take over your body’s support from your aching muscles. One of our best-selling pillowtop mattresses has this top above a perfect gel hybrid mattress an amazing 14 inches thick. Memory foam toward the surface fits your contours and absorbs motion while layers of support foam and pocketed coils do the heavy lifting.

Soft Plush Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

A plush-style mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers. These lab-tested hybrid mattresses use perfectly calibrated coils and a firm foam core while the ultra-soft mattress topper keeps your comfortable by diverting pressure from your midsection. That way you too can have that “cloud-like” experience of floating off to dream, waking up invigorated!

Get a Box Top Mattress for an Achy Back

One of our top-brand box top mattresses is ideal for all you back sleepers, especially if you suffer from lower-back pain. Once you try lying on this first-class hybrid mattress in our showroom you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

When you get an Ashley Sleep mattress or other brand from our Bakersfield, CA store at 3600 Stine Road or any other Central Valley Oak & Sofa location, you can rest easy ever after, knowing you saved a HUGE amount! Stop by this week and find out all about it.